Tips and Hints

Where to Go First
In order to properly destroy a Jack Torrance monster, you should have a shotgun. When the game starts, turn around from the wall, and go down the lobby to Ullman’s Office. You will find the first shotgun behind Ullman’s desk.

Jumping Over and Ducking Under Objects
Press the A key on your keyboard to leap up. Press the Z key to duck lower. When you are jumping out of the Caretaker bathroom window, make sure that you are facing the window head on.

Shooting the Jack Torrance Monster

If you get too close to a Jack Torrance monster, he’ll start hacking away at you until you are dead. If you see quick flashes of red as he hacks and screams at you, this means that he’s slowly killing you (you’ll also notice that your health is quickly diminishing). When you run into a Jack Torrance monster, just back up until you have a little more distance between him and you. Then start blasting at him with the shotgun. There are many ways to kill a monster, but usually the shotgun will take the least amount of shots to finish a monster.

How to Play the Entire Game
The object of the game is to find REDRUM.  When you find it, press it like a switch.  After pressing 4 REDRUMs, you will gain access to room 237.  There you will find another REDRUM.  Press it to gain access to the Caretaker's apartment.   The final REDRUM will open the door that leads out of the Hotel.  Find frozen Jack to finish the game.

Finding all the Redrums
There are six (6) REDRUMS in the game:

1.    Inside the far right toilet stall of the Gold Ballroom restroom.
2.    On the far wall inside the kitchen pantry.
3.    On the left wall in the Grady Girl hallway.
4.    Halfway up the small stairs in The Colorado Lounge.
5.    On the left wall inside the Room 237 bathroom.
6.    On the bathroom door, right where Danny wrote it.


Secret Tips and Hints

Finding Two Secret Areas
There are two secret areas that you can go to while playing the game. The areas do not change the outcome of the game.

The 2001 Moon Monolith – If you go behind the curtains in the Gold Ballroom, you’ll see the Tyco Crater setting from the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Go around to the other side of the monolith and read what is written.

Hallorann’s Florida Room – Go to the freezer located in the hotel kitchen. Shoot up at the upper left portion of the wall at the back of the freezer (or jump up and kick out the section of wall). Then jump up to the upper rack, duck down, and you’ll enter a secret passage way. Follow the passage and then shoot or kick the other panel away. You’ll find Hallorann’s Florida room, and a Freezethrower weapon that you may or may not need to finish the game (depending on which way you eventually turn in the hedge maze, and what weapons you already have).


Interesting Areas Just for Show
Here are some other areas of the hotel that you can check out. They are not essential to the game, but they are useful for the purpose of making you look in all the wrong places for ammo and health.

The Gift Shop – Located on the other end of the Gold Ballroom entrance. Since The Overlook Hotel is closed down for the winter, The Gift Shop has been cleared out, so you won’t be able to buy much.

The Game Room – If you feel like “shooting” a game of pool, you can pass the gift shop and turn left to enter The Game Room. Use the pistol to make the balls move. You can also shoot the balls and make them explode. If you stand on the table and walk around, you will inadvertently make the balls move into the pockets.

Guest Rooms – First and Second Floors – Exit The Game Room and proceed to the hallway. If you go to the right you’ll find doors to guest rooms (the doors don’t open). Go to the left and you’ll find more guest rooms, and, on your left, the door that leads to the kitchen fire exit room. If you go straight and take the elevator up to the second floor, you’ll find a similar hallway.

On the second floor, to the left and the right are guest rooms. Go straight and proceed down a long corridor that eventually leads to the area above the lobby. Proceed further and you’ll reach the second floor area above The Colorado Lounge. You’ll also find the hallway that leads to Room 237, and a hallway that has the door leading to the storage room and The Caretaker’s Apartment.

Guest Rooms – First Floor – Go down the lobby and turn right, then left and you’ll see and entrance that leads to more guest rooms (the doors don’t open).

Caretaker’s Area – Dog and Man, The Grady Girls – Turn left at the lobby restroom doors and enter the corridor that leads to The Caretaker’s Area. Turn left and go down the hall, then turn right at the next hallway. Take this hall until you reach the end. Press the Spacebar and a door will open, revealing the person in a dog costume and the man in the tuxedo. Turn to the left and go down to the end of the hall, then turn left again. Here are the Grady Girls. Move closer to them and see what happens. If you go to the second floor of The Caretaker’s Area, you’ll find The Caretaker’s Apartment. Enter the hallway, then turn to the right and you’ll find Danny’s bedroom.

Lloyd at The Gold Room Bar
When you first enter The Gold Ballroom, you see that Lloyd is not there, and the shelves behind the bar are empty. Go into the restroom, activate Grady’s voice, then exit to the Ballroom again. Now Lloyd is there and so are the bottles and glasses. Lloyd will not hurt you, but you will hear the voices of Lloyd and Jack from the film when you approach the bar. Shooting Lloyd is a matter of personal taste. It will not affect the outcome of the game.

The Restroom and Bathroom Toilets
When you approach any of the toilets in the hotel, press the Space Bar and you’ll hear the sound of flushing, and the voice of Duke, articulating his relief. When you press the Space Bar again at the same toilet, you’ll hear the sound of flushing.


More Hidden Areas: Walking Through Walls and Objects
As soon as the game loads, type this on the keyboard:


You’ll see a message on the top of the screen that states Clipping is Off. Now you can go through walls and other objects. Walk up to the windows in the lobby and jump out (the drop will cause you to lose a few health points). Here you will find the outside area of the front of the hotel.

Go into The Colorado Lounge and jump out of one of the large windows. Here you’ll see what appears to be a backstage area of the hotel “set”, complete with a few lights and a camera. Add these objects to the list of things that you can shoot and destroy.

Go outside to the hedge maze and you’ll notice that you can move through the walls of the maze. You can even walk along the top outer wall of the maze. You can also explore other areas outside the hotel.

CAUTION: Be careful when you try to move through walls. Trying to go through a non-valid player space can freeze up your system. This will not damage anything. In most cases you can simply back up from where you were going. If you freeze up and backing up doesn’t work, try the Escape key to bring up the menu, then Quit the game. If that doesn’t work, just press Alt Enter to minimize the DOS screen in Windows 95. Then you can close the DOS screen manually. Reboot your PC before you resume the game. If your system resources are low, there is more susceptibility to having the system freeze up.

Immortality: The Grady Mode
As soon as the game loads, type this on the keyboard:


The notice on the top of the screen will tell you that Grady Mode is On. This will allow you to never lose any health, and thus give you immortality for the entire game.

More Keyboard Secrets
Here are all the “cheat codes” that you can use while playing the game. Type any or all of them after the game loads. The ones in bold are the codes that are most important for you.

DNCLIP - Turns Clipping off. Allows you to walk through monsters, objects, and walls.
DNKROZ - Turns Grady Mode on. Gives you unlimited health.
DNSHOWMAP - Displays the entire map.
DNHYPER - Turns on Steroids. Allows you to run faster. Also allows the use of the N key, for night vision. The Steroids and the night vision will wear off until you type the command again.
DNUNLOCK - Opens all doors at once. Many doors will be closed again by the time you get there.
DNWEAPONS - Gives you the maximum ammo for all weapons, including those weapons that are not part of the Redrum game. You must have the weapons in order to access the ammo.
DNSTUFF - Gives you all of the ammo and weapons, and all of the other items in the entire game inventory, including those items that are not part of the Redrum game.

New Weapons
When you use the DNSTUFF command, you will have 5 new weapons with ammo. In a lot of cases you should not use these weapons unless you are in the Grady Mode (DNKROZ). This is especially true for the RPG Launcher and The Ripper.

5 - RPG Launcher - This will fire a Rocket-Propelled Granade. Add the two windows on the second floor above the lobby to the list of things you can destroy. Like the pipe bombs, using the launcher on any of the mirrors in the Ballroom Restroom will temporarily freeze up the system.
7 - Shrinker/Expander - Pressing 7 once will bring up The Shrinker. It will make monsters small, causing Duke to kick and kill them with his feet when he is close enough to them. Pressing 7 twice will bring up The Expander. This weapon will cause a monster to expand in size and height, until it bursts and dies.
8 - The Ripper - This weapon fires a rapid series of explosives from both turrets. The ammo will quickly rip at its target.
9 - Tripbombs - Move close to a wall or object and press the spacebar. The weapon will stick to whatever is in front of you. The Tripbomb has a 2 second delay, so try to move away from it as quickly as you can. After two seconds, you will see a thin red laser beaming out of the weapon. When a monster walks through the laser beam, the Tripbomb will explode. One explosion may not kill a monster, but The Tripbomb provides a good way to set traps at various locations for monsters.



Interesting Tips and Hints

Every Object You Can Shoot
There are many things that you can shoot at and destroy. If you shoot at walls or other objects, you will leave bullet holes. If you play in the “no-monsters” mode and shoot at objects, it is a good way to get the feel of aiming and shooting before you take on the monsters. Try shooting at objects with different weapons.

Lobby – Service Corridors
2 – Glass partitions in lobby hallway
5 – Lobby windows
4 – Toilets in lobby restrooms (you can toss and detonate a pipe bomb in one bathroom and it will destroy all the toilets in both restrooms)

Chair in Ullman’s outer office
Phone on the outer office desk
Chair behind Ullman’s desk
2 – Overhead lights in Ullman’s office
Cup on Ullman’s desk
Lobby drinking fountain (aim for top)
2 – Coffee dispensers in lobby service corridor
14 – cups in lobby service corridor
Glass partition in lobby service corridor
2 – Vending machines in lobby service corridor
Water bottle in lobby service corridor
Clock in lobby service corridor

Colorado Lounge
2 – Vending machines in Colorado Lounge service corridor
Water bottle in Colorado Lounge service corridor
Fireplace in Colorado Lounge
5 – Colorado Lounge windows

2nd Floor
Vending machine in hallway above Colorado Lounge
2 – Vending machines in hallway above lobby

Gold Ballroom
4 – Glass partition walls
4 – Toilets in restroom
5 – Mirrors in restroom (With pipe bomb. For some reason, this explosion will temporarily freeze up the system. It will clear up in a few seconds, depending on the speed of your processor).
28 – Bottles and glasses behind Lloyd at Gold Room bar
Lloyd behind bar

Fire extinguisher outside kitchen pantry
Clock on wall
2 – Glass partitions of Hallorann’s office
2 – Barrels inside pantry
Broom inside pantry.
Upper left portion of freezer back wall
Vent right before entering Hallorann’s Florida motel room
TV set in Hallorann’s Florida motel room
3 – Glass partitions on kitchen divider wall
Bucket and mop in fire exit area of kitchen

Mirror in Room 237 bathroom (With pipe bomb)
Glass partition of Gift Shop
10 – Balls on pool table in The Game Room
Bucket and mop in storage room between Caretaker Area and second floor

More Keyboard Keys
Here are all the keys that you can use while playing the game:

Tilde ~ Mighty Foot - Allows you to kick while holding another weapon. For example, you can kick out the freezer panel or the Hallorann room panel while you hold the shotgun.
1    Foot - Kick only. Nothing else may be held while you kick.
2    Pistol
3    Shotgun
4    Chaingun Cannon
6    Pipe Bomb
0    Freezethrower

-  Minus - Makes the screen smaller
+ Plus - Makes the screen larger
Backspace -  Turns you 180 degrees quickly
Escape - Options Menu
Tab - Normal and Map views
Spacebar - Open, Activate

A - Jump Up
I - Crosshairs for aiming
J - Jetpack - Raises you up off the ground
R - Steroids - Makes you run faster
U - Mouse Aiming
Z - Duck Down

Enter - Activates the previous command
? - Jump
< >  - Move Sideways
Control - Foot Kick
Arrow Keys - Movements
Insert - Tilted look left
Delete - Tilted look right
Home - Look up
End - Look down
Page Up - Look up and hold
Page Down - Look down and hold
Pause - Pauses game

F2 - Save game
F3 - Load game
F4 - Sound menu
F6 - Save game
F7 - View mode - Include or exclude Duke Nukem from the field of view
F8 - Turn screen messages on or off
F10 - Quit game
F11 - Screen brightness
F12 - Screen save in PCX format. PCX files will be in the Duke3d folder.
Print Screen - Saves the current screen image to the clipboard (Windows 95 only)

Total Sounds
Wind - Lobby, Hallways, and Hedge Maze
Music - “Midnight For the Stars and You” - The Gold Ballroom
Music - Finding Dog and Man, Finding Grady Girls
Doors opening and closing
Weapon and Ammo sounds
Duke Nukem’s voice
Impact sounds on Duke, dying and death sounds
Drinking fountain in lobby
Toilets flushing
Water sound after toilets are damaged
Explosions, shattered glass
Finding weapons and health
Jack Torrance monsters
Hacking sound of Jack’s axe
Old woman from 237 laughing
Slimer monster sounds
Octabrain monster sounds
Grady – “Caretaker” speech
Grady – “Heart is not in this” speech
Cracking of knuckle sound for no movement
Lloyd and Jack talking at bar
Grady Girls talking
Pool balls on table
Traveling to and from Hallorann’s Florida Room
Jack on stairs
Typing sound
Piano music
Danny saying “Redrum”
Hallorann – “237” speech

Total Health, Weapons, and Ammo

Weapons and Ammunition
The numbers refer to the Control Panel designation:

2    Pistol 120 rounds (after 12 shots, Duke reloads)
3    Shotgun 100 rounds
4    Chaingun Cannon 100
6    Pipe Bombs 7
0    Freezethrower 99

Game Start – Pistol – 48 rounds
1 Shotgun – Ullman’s Office – 10 rounds
1 Shotgun – Behind bar - 10 rounds
1 Pipe bomb – Restroom stall
Shotgun ammo – Pantry – 30 rounds
1 Pipe bomb – On top of shelf in Pantry
1 Freezethrower – Hallorann’s Florida Room – 25 rounds
Shotgun ammo – Caretaker’s Apartment – 10 rounds

Pistol ammo – 36 rounds
Shotgun ammo – 10 rounds
1 Shotgun – 10 rounds
Shotgun ammo – 10 rounds
5 Pipe bombs
1 Chaingun Cannon – 50 rounds
Chaingun Cannon ammo – 50 rounds
Pistol ammo – 36 rounds
Freezethrower ammo – 74 rounds

Health Medkits
Total +320
Large +30 - Shelf behind bar
2 Large +30 each - Pantry
Small +10 - Middle of kitchen
2 Small +10 each - Freezer
Small +10 - Left lobby restroom
Small +10 - Metal cupboard in lobby service corridor
Small +10 - Storage room on second floor
2 Large +30 each - Caretaker’s bathroom

2 Large +30 each
Atomic Health +50

Total Monsters
Hotel Monsters:
Total - 33
Jack Torrance – 9
Old woman in room 237 – 1
Jack Torrance – 9
Old woman in room 237 – 2
Alien monsters (Slimer) – 8
Alien monsters (Octabrain) – 4